Saturday, January 29, 2011

Magic Internet

Well I googled the 30 Day Disney Challenge and the results were fun.... there were like 3 different ones and even though I have 50 something days left I figured I had nothing better to do so I will start in the next couple of days :] maybe when I get down to 45 days ill start :] I'm pretty excited to start btw it seems like a lot of fun Disney is just around the corner and I have nothing else to do but blog all my feelings out -LOL- >.<

cute kid HUH?? I have no idea who this is.... i Googled it too :] 

Almost there

I'm starting to feel like those January and February people... my day is just around the corner .... The boyfriend leaves in 5 days... I have mixed emotions about it but I know that ill see him in the future so its pretty exciting  that his day is so close ;D

 My Little Prince :]

Friday, January 7, 2011

Yes Another Post

1. I usually go to bed between the hours of ___ and ____. ----well it just depends on the day 2. I usually wake up between the hours of ____ and ____. ----and again it just depends
3. I sleep best when the room is…
   •Noise level: ----as long as i can hear myself thinking im good  
•Temperature: --i like it cold but room temperature is ok.... Hot= bad  
 •Light & Darkness: ---either or
4. I would like to have private time in the room: ---well i guess we figure that out according to schedules
5. The time of day I prefer to study is: ---night lol
6. The atmosphere best conducive for my studying is
   • in complete silence.-------- (check)  
• with the stereo or TV on.---- (only applies if Im writing a paper lol)
   • alone. ----- (check)  
 • with others.
   • outside of the room.
7. Regarding appearance of the room, I prefer that it be
   • usually orderly and clean.
   • sometimes orderly and clean.---(im not a neat freak but I know that i dont like loose hairs on the floor) *random  
• disorderly
8. When cleaning the room, I feel that
   • my roommate and I should take turns cleaning the entire room.
   • my roommate and I should each clean up our own mess. (check and...) 
 • my roommate and I should clean the room together. (also a plus.. we can clean our own stuff together.. aja aja good idea hehe)
9. In regard to my personal property, I prefer
   • to share everything.
   • to let my roommate use specific items without permission. List:__________________________________________
   • to let my roommate use items after asking for my permission.
   • not to share anything.
(idk about this i guess i got to think about it)
10. If someone wants to borrow my property, I would prefer that my roommate…
   • lend it to the person.
   • lend it only if I gave prior permission to that specific person.
   • never lend out anything of mine. (ummm im sure i would atleast want to know first)Note: Be sure to discuss food, clothes/toiletries & appliances.
11. In regard to my computer, printer, and other personal elec-tronic devices (i.e., iPods, cell phones, CD players, etc., I pre-fer:.
   • to share everything.
   •to let my roommate use specific items without permission. List:__________________________________________
   • to let my roommate use items after asking for my permission. (yes please)  
• to not share anything.
Note: Be sure to discuss returning items, logging out of computers, and potential access to personal information on these devices.
13. I would prefer that guests
   • be welcome anytime. (as long as my things are not broken or damaged... and I don't get into trouble for them being in the room then its all good)  
• leave when I sleep.
   • leave when I sleep, unless I give prior consent to stay.
   • leave when I am in the room.
14. I believe that guests
   • should not be left alone in the room. (aja.i dont want my things being stolen)  
 • can be left in the room without me or my roommate present.
15. For safety and security reason, I would prefer that the room
   • be locked at all times.
   • be locked when we are not in the room. (if possible)  
• be locked only when we are not in the room.
   • be locked when I go to bed or am asleep. (if nessesary)
16. When I am upset, I need…
   • to talk about things.
   • space and time to deal with it on my own. (yes and....)  
 • space unless the feelings are directed toward my roommate. (yes....)
17. If I were going to be gone for a weekend or longer, I would
   • want my roommate to know where I am.
   • let my roommate know when I will return.
   • want my roommate to know where I am and let my roommate know when I would return. (its only right)  
• prefer not to let my roommate know my whereabouts.
18. When I receive mail, I would prefer that my roommate
   • leave it in the mailbox for me to pick up.
   • bring the mail to the room if s/he checks the box first, (and leave it on my bed or sumwhere i would see it).
19. When I am not present to receive a telephone call, I would prefer my roommate to
   • look for me on the floor.
   • write down a message for me (and leave it _____________ ).
   • give my cell phone number to the caller
   • simply tell the caller I am not home and to call back later. (i dont think ill be getting many telephone calls at the apartment but ok)  
• do nothing and not answer.
20. Have you had a roomate before? What bothered you? (i have not. I hope this experience is a good one)
21. What kind of music do you like? How loud or how often do you play it? (i love lots of types of music but i wont have a computer so i would probably be the only one listening to my ipod)
22. Do you have allergies? (yes they come and go)
23. how do you feel about sharing household chores? Any that you don't like? ( i hate doing others people's dishes but as long as we share the chores then its fine)
24. Do you watch a lot of television? (i have my favorite shows but usually watch them online)
25. Do you snore/ make noise when you sleep? (not that I know of)
26. Do you have ADD/ADHD/OCD? (lol no)
27. What kind of food do you like? (all kinds.... ) :]
28. Do you smoke, drink, or use drugs? (no ma'am)
29. Do you party often? (I like to have my fun moments just not "party")
30. Anything else we should know? (I dont do my bed, sorry..... I love taking pictures :]... I love music..... I like to go out... but I wont have a car in Disney... Im not the kind to ask for favors... or anything really... I like to be treated how I treat others... You treat me bad and well there's going to be a problem.... :/ )

I got this from a great blog that i found from another great blog here they are Lisa's Blog and Natasha's Blog   :] :] :]

74 days until Florida

75 days until the DCP........ Well today i went shopping to try to find shirts that fit the Disney Look and since i live in Puerto Rico its kind of hard to do that since here women like to flash body parts even at work. Its ok though because I found some shirts on sale $3.00 :o i was happy that I finally found something that I could wear since I'm going to be taking 2 classes over there... or thats what I hope oh but anyways I found a really cute Charlotte Russe Blazer that i can wear with anything pretty much :] again on sale.... now I just need some dress pants and a couple skirts and Im done :]

The final days are getting closer :) oh i found the jacket here's the link it doesn't fit me like that.... thats good lol

oh btw the other night I went to a showcase where a bunch of performers went.... I came out with a new found love of Steve Aoki <3

Oh Also LMFAO who i had loved before i saw them perform live theyre awesome :]