Friday, January 7, 2011

74 days until Florida

75 days until the DCP........ Well today i went shopping to try to find shirts that fit the Disney Look and since i live in Puerto Rico its kind of hard to do that since here women like to flash body parts even at work. Its ok though because I found some shirts on sale $3.00 :o i was happy that I finally found something that I could wear since I'm going to be taking 2 classes over there... or thats what I hope oh but anyways I found a really cute Charlotte Russe Blazer that i can wear with anything pretty much :] again on sale.... now I just need some dress pants and a couple skirts and Im done :]

The final days are getting closer :) oh i found the jacket here's the link it doesn't fit me like that.... thats good lol

oh btw the other night I went to a showcase where a bunch of performers went.... I came out with a new found love of Steve Aoki <3

Oh Also LMFAO who i had loved before i saw them perform live theyre awesome :]


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