Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Life's Treasures

Disney World that is haha yea yea corny but whatever..... I don't really have much to say this time since all ive been doing was working. I went to MK with another roommate, Hollywood Studios with a coworker and Animal Kingdom with more roommates :] all in 2 weeks Its been fun down here and I don't possibly know what I'm going to do when I get home. I wont be able to say "oh, lets go to Magic Kingdom" ehhhhh yea I might just wanna come back and stay down here for good huh who knows. Only time will tell :]

Well Toodles for know :]

me and the roomies with pocahontas

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Life and Such :]

ahhhh well easter week is hectic ugh 52 hours and 30 minutes.... but ill probably get less since me and my co-workers will finish earlier :] well its OK then next week i get 45 hours sooo the pay checks will be wonderful :] plus i work in Magic Kingdom so i get a premium :] extra mula oh yea.... its not that bad that is all for now... my hours do kinda suck 10 pm - 4 am but other then that i still love it here... co-workers are great managers are good and everyone is still great :D

Monday, April 11, 2011


Well today is a good yes day.... IT'S MY FRIDAY..... :] meaning I don't have work tomorrow or Wednesday heck yes... Tomorrow I'm going to chill with the roomies at Animal Kingdom.... why am I sooo excited.. you ask??  Well i have never ever been to Animal Kingdom.... :] hehe work has been fine... but they paycheck has been better this week i get the normal pay check instead of the.. horrid 170 dollars taken out or low hours nope nope i worked 37 hours this week which wasn't that bad Ive met some really cool people at work 

It's been going good so far.... Most of my roommates are home sick or like my roomie... they want to go home but i think the only reason I'm not like that is because I've moved so much in my life that I don't get emotionally attached to many things so right now I'm doing great :] Plus i know my fmaily will always be their and i'll go back to P.R soon even though I don't really want to :/ Sad I Know ugh

I went yesterday to an Orlando Magic Basketball game and they were going against the Chicago Bulls... that was super fun thanks to Miranda and Lindsay especially Lindsay because her dad bought her the tickets 

I love my roommates all 7 of them but some aren't really clicking hahahah FUN I know i like to think of myself as the middle man <3

Anyways Fun Fun i work at 7:15 until 1:15 not bad at all :] I don't mind getting out at one.... im sure im not the only one who has to do it sooooo whatever

Pictures of my Wonderful Life ______ Bam Bam Below 

My wonderful Roomies outside of the Amway Center

Inside Amway Center <3 Before the Game :]

Have a Magical Day Everyone

Thursday, April 7, 2011

And I'm off to FantasyLand

I like my job but I don't like working at Friars Nook only because i'm not used to the environment. I got put on the register for the first time and I hadn't even seen the register during my training days so I was very lost and confused... it's OK I asked for help but I still felt pretty bad lol I do like working at Storybook Treats however :] ice cream making is my passion lol...... not really but its still nice.... 

Oh random comment alert.............................. I still want a kitchen sink :D

 Disney is my home now :D

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Stands East and other Shenanigans

Hello again. 

I've finally earned my ears YAY

I'm blogging because everyone is sleeping and i'm sitting on my bed alone lol its 10:22 am 

Now let me talk about my job a little bit more

Stands East


Enchanted Groves

Lunching Pad
Auntie Gravities Galactic Goodies
Cool Ship
Friars Nook

and a couple more stands which are only open if the weather is nice and there is a lot of people in the park. I love my job so far and im great at making ice cream cones oh yea :]

ROOMMATES- There is 8 of us total including me, and they're all pretty chill. I get along with everyone and they all get along with each other too. Life is all about laughing and thats all we do when we're together. 

FOOD- yea it would help to know how to cook before coming down but i'm making ends meet lol

PAYCHECK- The first week i got paid for the first 2 days. I think its because my check in day was on a weird day and traditions was again.... on a weird day hehe Anyways the weeks are from sunday-saturdays and thats how we get paid which I still don't understand anyways this week i get paid on 04/07/2011 and they take out the first week of rent along with this week... $170 dollars down the drain... but its ok because I still got paid unlike a couple of my roomies who still owe rent which probably will get taken out of their nexts weeks pay... hopefully they get good hours next week :]

......... That is all for today..... Sorry it's soooo long :] oh pictures below :]

Downtown Disney with the roomie and a friend :D

Magic Kingdom :] ahhh feels so great

My Breaker Costume

Hollywood Studios

:] Toodles

Monday, April 4, 2011

Disney Fantasies

Well Well Well..... My schedule has been interesting... Oh yea I work in stands east which basically means I work in every place in tomorrow land and fantasy land that isn't Cosmic Rays and Pinocchio...... 

Sunday- 11:30-5:30
Mon- Off
Tues- Off
Wed- 12-9:45
Thurs- 3:15- 12:30
Fri- 12:15- 6:15
Sat- 11:45- 6:45
Sun- 10pm-4 am (its only 6 hours so don't freak out)

yea i love it here sooooo far its been awesome and my roomies are great too :]
 here's a picture of my Disney Adventures

Me and the Prince :]