Thursday, August 25, 2011

That's a Wrap, Folks....

And.... It's all over.... My Disney College Program days are done :/ I'm very sad that I'm back home now but I can say that I met the most amazing people on that program. Co-workers and great great friends that I will keep in touch with until the end of time......

My experience as a CP was overall AMAZING..... and yes... there we're super low moments but really... Isn't that life? I loved my job.. or the people at least haha but it was a great experience and I do recommend it to those who are optimistic.... because the pessimistic wont get far in Disney.... 

My roommates we're and are my best friends. We had our moments of disagreements but overall they also we amazing... Yes I sound like a really happy person right now but that's because I am happy.... 

The DCP changed my life as it did for everyone I know... I wish that one day I'll be able to do it all again :D The future is bright <3


Last Night Together 

Last day of Work :]

My Humble Abode :]

Our Last Supper :/

:] We've Graduated

Daytona Beach with co-workers :D


Stands East
We all started off as strangers and became a family..

These memories will be with me forever


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